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Dimplex M-011B

Keri Transducer
Sales Price ex. VAT: £34.52
Sales Price inc. VAT: £41.42

Product Information

This is a genuine Dimplex Glass Disk Transducer

This is the new and upgraded version of the Keri Transducer. This part is now supplied with a white ceramic transducer disc, which boasts a longer expected lifespan. Although this part may look slightly different to the original transducer, it is a direct replacement part for it (this transducer does not feature an LED). This part will not fit Opti-Myst models that are fitted with an all-in-one sump and transducer assembly.Tip: To prolong the life of your transducer, please always use filtered water in your Opti-Myst fire as this will help to prevent the build up of limescale. Please note that filtered water should not be confused with distilled water.Markings on this part : Ultransmit M-011B MFD 201312 DC24V 500mA or M011B-1C A3 4414 #CHM4312. (For your reference - these are not part numbers).
If you are unsure whether this spare part will fit your appliance, please contact us with the model number and series code (if there is one listed) of your unit. This information can be found on a data plate (rating sticker), located on the appliance itself.
Alternative Part Code(s) : 7511012
Models This Part Fits : BBK20 (Series A - D) | BBK20 (Series E) | BRG20 (Series A ) | DNV20CH (Series A - Onward ) | DNV20AB (Series A - C) | DNV20BL (Series A - Onwards) | DNV20BR (Series A - C) | MFD20 (Series A) | OKT20 (Series A) | RDY20 (Series A - D) | RDY20 (Series E) | SCR20 (Series A) | SCR20 (Series K) | TAH20 (Series A) | TAH20 (Series E) | WBK20 (Series A) | WMR20 (Series A) | ALM20 (Series A) | AUB20 (Series A) | CAS600 | CAS400NHLL | CAS400HLL | CAS600NH | RTOPCS20 | RTOPW20 | RTOPI20BR | RTOPI20CH | SVT20 (Series A)
Warranty Information : 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Customer repairs will be covered by this warranty, as fitting this spare is classed as a non-technical repair by Dimplex. Please make sure that the unit is unplugged before attempting to fit any spare parts.
Preferred Dimplex Supplier : UK Spares are proud to have been appointed as Dimplex's distribution partner for spare parts. This means that we hold a large number of Dimplex spare parts in stock and also hold the most up-to-date specification information, helping you to repair rather than replace.
Genuine Spare Part : This is a genuine Dimplex product, but why should I buy a genuine spare part?Genuine parts guarantee quality and will therefore reduce the risk and cost of unnecessary repairsThey are more likely to fit correctly first time, to work safely and be completely up-to-date In the event of any installation problems, manufacturers can be approached for help and advice The quality standards of replica spares may have been compromised by the use of cheaper production techniquesReplica spares are prone to premature failure and may even cause damage to your appliance Many manufacturers will void any warranty on your appliance if replica spares are used
SKU: M-011B