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General Information

Why repair when it seems easier to replace?

In today's market place, many installers are finding that end users are actively seeking a straightforward repair quote for their plumbing, heating and electrical needs. This is partly an interim measure in the economic downtown and also due to the growing awareness of our environmental impact. Installers need to stay attuned to this step change to be able to meet their customer's needs.

Environmental concerns:

According to, the average person in the UK discards more than 33 tonnes of electrical waste in their lifetime - this figure relates to the average person in the street, it's not a figure 'per household' or 'per plumbing and heating installer'. Many of these items would have been repairable had the right spare part been sourced, and a simple part change can easily double the lifespan of your appliance.

It's true to say that this throw away mentality costs us more in the long term. The manufacture of a new electrical product can include using valuable materials such as gold, copper, aluminium and iron and there's also the additional consideration of transportation and packaging involved in this process. The disposal of electrical items may also pose a danger to our environment if this is not done correctly. Chemicals used in the manufacturing process, such as mercury and lead, may seep out and pollute our planet, posing a potential hazard to both wildlife and ourselves.

Saving you money:

There's often an appreciable saving to be made by ditching the 'rip out and replace' attitude. Replacing the three elements in a mid-price storage heater, including labour, would equate to around 40% of the cost of buying a new unit. There are countless examples relating to different types of electrical spares.

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Why shouldn't I buy a cheaper, non-genuine spare that I have found elsewhere?

It is an accepted fact that purchasing a genuine part made by the manufacturer of your unit will ensure that it will fit correctly first time, will work safely and correctly and will also be completely up-to-date.

Your safety:

While there may be cheaper spares around for some applications, installers should be aware that quality standards may have been compromised in cheaper production techniques. Cutting corners on costs can sometimes mean that thinner metals have been used (for example in the case of elements) and this can lead to premature failure of the new component. In the worst case scenario, fake spare parts can cause damage to your appliance, your home and even to you.

False economy of fake spares:

Those tempted to consider a cheaper alternative do not always realise that this may in fact represent a false economy. If the wrong spare part is used, many manufacturers will simply void the warranty of your appliance. Genuine spare parts guarantee quality and using genuine branded spares will reduce the risk and cost of unnecessary repairs, and, importantly, in the event of any problems arising, manufacturers can be approached for help and advice.


The UK Spares team regularly attends manufacturer training sessions and receive all the latest data specifications, up-to-date information and product knowledge on an extensive range of replacement parts. We have access to hundreds of schematic and technical drawings to help identify the correct spare.

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Why choose UK Spares as your spares supplier?

Amongst many other reasons, our customers return again and again because we can offer them:

  • Worldwide delivery
  • The option of next day delivery on stocked parts within the UK
  • A reliable and swift service
  • Experienced and professional customer service advisors

We are recommended by many manufacturers as their preferred spares supplier and have access to all the latest data specifications, hundreds of schematic and technical drawings and up-to-date product information and knowledge on an extensive range of replacement parts.

Our vast network of over 100 manufacturers mean that we can quickly source the spare part that you need to complete your repair. That's why we can truly be called your spares solution!

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Trade Accounts

Do I need to be a trade customer to buy from UK Spares?

No, we deal with electrical wholesalers, electricians, plumbers, the general public and everybody in between. It doesn't matter who you are, we would love to help you fix your appliance.

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How can I open a trade account with UK Spares and what are the benefits?

If you use our services regularly, you may be eligible to open up a trade account with us. Please contact our sales team on 01454 620500 and explain that you are interested, or alternatively you can click here to fill in an online enquiry form. As a trade account holder, you may be given terms that entitle your business to a percentage off of our normal sales price. Please note that you can't currently claim your trade terms when ordering online, so please make sure that you place your order by email or fax.

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Identifying the Correct Spare Part

My appliance is broken, which spare part do I need?

The first thing to do is ensure that your appliance is switched off and then we would recommend phoning the manufacturer of your appliance and speaking to their technical department to see if they are able to diagnose the problem this way.

If the manufacturer is unable to help, it may be a case that an electrician will need to be called out. A good electrician will have all the right equipment to be able to test your appliance and locate the component which is faulty.

Please do not try and undertake electrical repairs yourself, as not only can it be very dangerous, but may also cost you more money in the long run as you may end up buying and fitting parts that you don't need or that will not correct the problem. A common example of this would be replacing a thermal cut-out for a heater. A thermal cut-out is designed to shut off the electricity supply to prevent fire or further damage to your appliance. This often indicates an electrical fault elsewhere and simply replacing the cut-out will not solve the problem. It is likely that the new cut-out will blow again as soon as the appliance is switched back on as the heart of the problem has not been solved.

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What information do I need to make sure that I get the right spare part?

After locating which component of your appliance needs replacing, you will need to find out as much information about the appliance itself as you possibly can. Usually we would need the make and model number off of the appliance itself (as opposed to an instruction booklet which will usually refer to more than one product). The make and model number will almost always be located on a data plate. If you are in doubt as to how to read a data plate you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us a picture of it, along with a description of the part you need, and we'll let you know if it's an appliance we can get spare parts for.

Markings on the spare:

Please note that the markings on the spare itself will not usually help us locate a replacement. These are not part codes used by the manufacturer and therefore we are unable to cross reference them.

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Where can I find the data plate on my appliance?

Below is a table showing where manufacturers will commonly put the data plate of your appliance:

Cooker Hoods: Inner or outer panel

Dishwashers: Behind the door or on inside edge

Electric Fires: On the back or on base metal under sump

Fan & Ventilation Units: Behind outer grille

Fridges & Freezers: Hidden by salad compartment or on inside wall

Ovens: Behind main over door

Panel Heaters: On the back

Storage Heaters: On the top edge

Vacuum Cleaners: Side or base

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Do UK Spares supply generic spare parts?

Generally speaking we do not supply generic spare parts. We like to know exactly which appliance that you would like a replacement part for so that we can make sure that we supply you with a spare that fits. However, there are a few exceptions:


Terma Towel Rails

Universal Oven Spares

Please note that some items, such as oven door seals, grease filters and door latch kits may be classed as universal by the manufacturer and will therefore fit many different appliances, but not necessarily every version. If in doubt as to whether a universal spare will fit your appliance, please contact one of our customer advisers with the make and model number.

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Can UK Spares locate parts which are not listed on their website?

Yes! We deal with a wide range of manufacturers and generally only list the fastest selling spares on our website. Please contact our sales team and they will do their very best to locate the spare that you need, however obscure.

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The part I need is obsolete, what does this mean and what can I do about it?

A spare part which has been made obsolete means that it is no longer being supplied by the manufacturer of that appliance. This may be due to them no longer being able to source the part from their supplier or that the unit is so old that there is no longer enough demand to justify supplying it.

In this case, by all means please check with us to see if we have any stock left, or if we can source it from elsewhere. If we don't have any, we can give you the partcode so that you can widen your search to see if anyone else has any left in stock. If unsuccessful, then your only realistic course of action is to replace the unit.

Why not check out our range of complete replacement units?

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Complete Units

Can UK Spares supply complete replacement units?

Yes, we have a growing range of complete units meaning that you can rely on us even if the replacement unit is no longer available. Take a look at some of our products:

Ariston Water Heaters

Heatrae Sadia Water Heaters

Instanta Water Boilers

Triton Showers

Triton Water Heaters

Xpelair Cooling Fans

Xpelair Commercial Fan Heaters

Xpelair Fan & Ventilation Units

Xpelair Radios

Wijas Water Heaters

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Website Orders

I haven't paid, will you process my order?

We will not process your order until you have paid in full. You will need to enter your card details using our WorldPay service. Once your payment has been received, you will receive a receipt via email and we will then pick, pack and send your item.

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I didn't pay straight away, can I re-access an order?

Unfortunately you can't go back into an order if you did not pay straight away. Our administrators will notice that you haven't paid and will cancel your order if payment has not been received in a reasonable amount of time. If this is the case, simply reorder the products and remember to follow the process through to the end. If you are experiencing difficulties in placing an order, please don't hesitate to ring us on 01454 620500 and you can pay over the telephone.

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What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is our payment processing service, which offers extensive security to protect you from online fraud. You can rest assured that your payment will be received instantaneously by our team meaning that we can process your order without delay.

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Can I make an order online and pay over the phone?

Yes, of course you can. Take a note of your order number and the part number of the spare part that you have ordered and get in contact with us on 01454 620500.

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Will you let me know if the item I have ordered is not in stock?

Yes, we will email you if we do not have an item that you have ordered in stock and we will also give you an estimate for delivery. If you are unhappy with the lead time that we quote, you will have the option to cancel the order. Special orders are usually delivered to you within 7-10 days at the most.

I have a trade account; can I get my terms online?

No, at present you will not be able to claim your trade terms online. Please email us or fax us your order as you usually would.

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I have not received a confirmation email?

If you are sure that you have fully completed your order, you have paid and entered the correct email address then it is likely that our email has got caught up in your junk filter. Please check your Junk Box and mark us as a safe user to ensure that you do not have this problem in the future. If you still can't find it, please get in contact with us and we'll send over a copy.

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Will you pass my email address on to any third parties?

No, here at UK Spares we understand the importance of your confidentiality and would never pass any of your details on to anyone else. We keep out correspondence to a minimum and therefore we will only get in contact when we need to.

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How much can I expect to pay for delivery?

UK delivery:

Royal Mail Second Class (available for orders under £20) - £3.95

Standard Parcel Service - £10.20 / Free for orders over £120 in value

Extended Postcode Area - £21.00

Premium Services:

Next working day - £12.00

Next working day before 12 noon - £18.00

Next working day before 10am - £24.00

Saturday - £18.00

Saturday before 12 noon - £21.00

Saturday before 10am - £24.00

Sunday - £18.00

Sunday before 12 noon - £21.00

International delivery:

Channel Islands - £20.00

Republic of Ireland - £20.00

Europe 1 - £17.50 (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg & Netherlands)

Europe 2 - £20.00 (Austria, Denmark & Switzerland)

Europe 3 - £22.50 (Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia & Spain)

Europe 4 - £36.00 (Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia & Sweden)

Europe 5 - £42.00 (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania & Sweden)

USA & Canada - £35

Australia & New Zealand - £35

Rest of the World - £45

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How long will it take to receive my item?

Stock items ordered before approximately 2.30pm will be shipped the same day and will be with you within 1-2 working days. We also offer a guaranteed next day service within the UK, with a tariff that reflects how early your delivery will arrive.

Special order items will take approximately 7-10 working days to reach you, as these are items which we order in especially for you. If we expect the spare to take any longer to reach you than this lead time, rest assured, we will contact you and will be sure to keep you updated.

International deliveries will vary depending on the postal service in your area. We expect all international packages to be delivered to you within 1-2 weeks.

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Fitting Spare Parts

Can I repair the appliance myself?

We do not recommend that you try to repair your appliance yourself unless you are competent and suitably qualified to do so. Not only is your safety paramount, but many manufacturers may actually void the warranty on your appliance if spare parts are not fitted by a qualified person.

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I have ordered the wrong spare part; do you offer refunds and what are your terms?

If you are in doubt as to whether a spare part will fit your appliance, please contact our sales team on 01454 620500 who will ensure that you get the correct part.

However, if you have received an incorrect part please take a look at our Refunds Policy here

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